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We are the owners of Registered trademark "GNX", "NEWAIR", "GNX Care", "GNX Plus" and "Generation X" for various goods and services including footwear. Any other person operating under the said names are not connected to us in any manner and are liable for prosecution. Owned by : Bisheng International , Sole licencee : Skymax International

Welcome to Skymax International

Making available superb quality GNX/GENERATION X footwear, Ready-made Garments, Hosiery, Electronics & Electrical Items and various other products at reasonable and competitive prices.

An Introduction

No distance is far or tough to cover when you have comfortable footwear to take you to the miles after miles. Footwear is one of the important part of every person's wardrobe, be it a man, woman or child. There were the days, when these were worn just to protect the feet from debris, dust & many such things but today's footwear are expected to serve more.

Knowing the requirements of today's customers for quality assured yet trendy footwear, we, Skymax International, are carrying our business operations. We are a specialized importer and Trader / Distributor of a wide variety of Footwear under the brand GNX/GENERATIONX like Ladies Sports & Casual Shoes, Men's Sports & Casual Shoes, Casual Shoes, Outdoor Sports Shoes, Formal Shoes, Boots, Floaters, Sandals, Slippers and Flip Flops, Ready-made Garments, Hosiery, Electronics & Electrical Items and various other industrial and health products.

Briefly Introducing About The Brand GNX/GENERATION X

Bisheng (International) Co., Hongkong, the creator & owner of this brand had a vision to provide quality products under the brand GNX/GENERATION X thereby extending the boundaries of time infinitely for its products to all/any generations.

GNX/GENERATION X gives meaning to its name and is the choice of all generations time and again. This brand was introduced in India market in the year 2009-2010 and since then has been a choice of all. GNX conveys the same Generation X meaning in short and also registered by the same company is  widely used together and also solely on the products. And hence they both are supplementing and complimenting each other by their marking on the products.
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