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E-Waste Management
E-waste is a colloquial term for electronic products that are nearly obsolete. Common electrical products include mobile phones, feature phones, smartphones, laptops, I-phones, desktop computers, televisions, air conditioners, refrigerators, VCDs, washers, stereos, fax machines, and copiers. Numerous of these items can be recycled, repaired, or reused. Among the fastest-growing waste streams in the world is e-waste. Aluminum, gold, copper, silver, and palladium are among the valuable materials found in e-waste, but it also includes hazardous materials, including cadmium, mercury, and lead. E-waste disposal at landfills can cause harmful emissions into the air, soil, and water while posing major health and environmental risks if it is done without proper knowledge.

SKYMAX INTERNATIONAL has committed to putting the E-Waste (Management) Rules, 2016, following the Ministry of Environment, Forests, and Climate Change's directives. We at SKYMAX International are aware of the need to promote recycling all precious and useful components from e-waste to protect the environment's rapidly dwindling natural resources. If we want to conserve resources and reduce landfill space, recycling end-of-life abandoned products is essential. SKYMAX INTERNATIONAL is aware of its responsibilities; thus, we have partnered with one of the top companies to help our customers dispose of e-waste products once their useful lives are through.

Recycling Electronic Waste

Our company has partnered with other companies to collect all its electronic waste across India and dispose of it using their registered recyclers. Customers can contact one of our employees, who will explain the disposal procedure and inform them of the closest drop-off location for e-waste. In addition, inform them of the incentives we will provide them in exchange for their end-of-life product. Let us say a client wishes to deliver the material to their doorstep. In that situation, we dispatch one of our teams to collect the devices and deliver them to our e-waste partner plant for disposal.


  • Always seek information about handling end-of-life equipment in the catalog that comes with your product.
  • Ensure your electrical products are repaired and handled by only Authorised Recyclers.
  • Always give our E-waste Authorised Collection Centres/points a call before disposing of any end-of-life products.
  • When an electronic device reaches the end of its useful life, always dispose of it at the nearest authorized e-waste collection center or point.
  • Always remove the battery from the device, and make sure any glass surfaces are broken-proof.


  • Never take apart your electronic devices by yourself.
  • Throwing electronics in containers marked Do Not Dispose is not recommended.
  • Do not offer your electronic waste to local scrap dealers, rag pickers, or other unorganized (Kabbadi) sectors.
  • Never place your product in trash cans with municipal rubbish that is eventually disposed of in landfills.

Consumer-friendly E-Waste Recycling and Collection Mechanism

As required by the E-waste Regulation under the E-waste (Management) Rule, 2016, and as a responsible corporate citizen, SKYMAX INTERNATIONAL complies with the procedures for gathering e-waste and directing it towards its secure recycling.

How can we be reached by end users?

A SKYMAX INTERNATIONAL representative will explain to our customers the process of disposal and inform them of the closest drop point available to drop the e-waste, or we will send our team to pick up the e-waste from the customer's doorstep and channel the same to the Registered Recyclers if any End Consumers willing to dispose or recycle their end-of-life product/e-waste can reach us or call at our Recycling Partner toll-free number.

Our E-Waste Guidelines

SKYMAX INTERNATIONAL is dedicated to offering people and families in our community ongoing, thorough, and coordinated whole-person healthcare. We are dedicated to safeguarding human health and the environment and are motivated to reduce any negative effects from our operations. The following concerns are priorities for our business.

Increase awareness

We will educate, inspire, and encourage every member of our employees to actively participate in our commitment to our environment and e-waste disposal policies.

Handling of Waste

We will keep advancing, creating, and putting waste prevention, reuse, reduction, and recycling into practice systematically and economically on-site. To ensure the safe management of non-hazardous and hazardous waste transferred offsite following best environmental practices, we shall utilize appropriately regulated waste management Contractors. We may also use methods to lessen the amount of electronic waste. They consist of the following:

  • Be a responsible buyer. When you are prepared to purchase a new item, do some research. Ensure that it will not crack easily or suffer damage soon after you get it. In other words, choose products likely to last much longer so you will not have to replace them after a few years or even just a few months. Making products with shorter lifespans so that more money may be made in the long run when they fail, or break is a well-known industry practice in electronics.
  • Use as frequently as you can. Try mending the electronic gadget before purchasing a new one if the equipment and parts are still functional. In addition, recycle the gadget if it can no longer be fixed.
  • Learn about the materials that are used in your electronics. The power of knowledge. You can learn how toxic, such substances can be if they are thrown into a landfill by learning about the basic ingredients used to make your mobile phone or laptop. The more informed you are, the more products you can buy that will not damage the environment.
  • Look for a label that says it is eco-friendly. For instance, check the labels on your products to determine if they bear the Energy Star or Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool certifications.
  • Think about reducing the amount of technology you own. Look for gadgets with various uses if you do not need one extra.
  • Inform children about e-waste. Children are our future, so it helps instill in them a commitment to recycling e-waste early.
  • Recycle anything you can. Whatever you have, it is crucial to always properly dispose of your e-waste. That involves recycling all of your old gadgets, considering that it is dangerous to dispose of e-waste improperly, especially given how much there is now.
  • Recognize security concerns. Another reason not to throw away your electronic gadgets is that your personal information is still kept on them even after you delete it.
  • We can control the e-waste and look for components that may be recycled, reused, or disposed of properly.
  •  By adopting company-wide recycling initiatives and setting up designated containers for customers to recycle their e-waste, we can also increase the amount of recycled e-waste. These initiatives encourage buyers to return damaged or outdated goods to the manufacturer to be recycled, reconditioned, or dematerialized.

Rules for E-Waste

SKYMAX International aims to protect the environment from e-waste so that we can preserve this precious planet's habitability for future generations. E-Waste production increases as our reliance on technology increases. 


Not all e-waste needs to be destroyed. According to a study, 63% of electronic waste may be recycled properly. In this approach, we can demonstrate our concern for the environment and cut costs significantly. But according to the same survey, only 17% of electronic waste is recycled. Third-world nations, particularly India, are experiencing even worse conditions. SKYMAX International is committed to making this situation different. You may get rid of all the machines piled up in your house or business with the help of our simple and affordable plans. 

Destruction of Data

We can assist you whether you want to protect your personal information before selling the hard drive or clear your PC of any malware. Since we thoroughly certify our data destruction, we can assure you of your privacy. Your data will be entirely erased and lost after we destroy it. On the storage medium, there is never a sign of the data.

We Provide

  • E-Waste recycling
  • Using recycled toner cartridges
  • Refurbishing PC for Rural Areas and NGOs 
  • 100% Data Destruction 
  • Data Wiping 
  • On-Site Hard Disc Shredding/Scraping